The Benefits of Helping Your Clients Find Temporary Housing

As a realtor, you're well acquainted with the stress and strain your clients are under when they're buying or selling their homes. Add in the scramble to secure interim housing - especially after a speedier-than-expected sale or an extended search for the perfect home - and the pressure can be overwhelming.

Though it might be out of the scope of your regular services, helping your clients secure safe, clean, and well-appointed short-term properties solves a huge problem for them. It's an excellent way to show you're willing to go above and beyond. Let's explore how providing this sought-after service elevates your reputation as a realtor who makes amazing things happen for your clients.

It ensures your clients feel truly pampered and cared for.

Depending on where they live, your clients may have many options for short-term rentals that will help them bridge the gap before or after a home sale. But for all their attractive pictures and glowing reviews, what many listings on sites like Airbnb and VRBO can't offer is the guarantee that guests will be thrilled instead of just satisfied.

Many of the properties on the major home-sharing sites are run by regular folks with the best intentions who, quite frankly, don't always understand high-end hospitality and therefore can't guarantee an upscale experience for discerning guests. Plus, many rentals are simply intended to be a crash pad for vacationers and not necessarily a true home away from home for an extended period of time. They may not be thoughtfully furnished or set up with all the amenities your clients need for day-to-day living, especially for clients with families.

When you refer your clients to a company like Poshabodes that specializes in high-end short-term rental properties, however, you can ensure they'll get a 5-star experience for the length of their stay. In this way, you can help transform this tough transition into an unexpected reprieve that far exceeds their expectations. Rather than dealing with stress and inconvenience, your clients will feel like they're on a vacation - one they can look back on and cherish. And they're not likely to forget how instrumental you were in making that positive experience happen.

At Poshabodes, all of our properties are fully furnished, immaculately clean, and tastefully decorated. See our collection of luxury homes available to rent.

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It adds a feeling of exclusivity.

Simply put, referring selective clients to a luxury property that's the perfect fit makes them feel special. They'll appreciate not just your personal assistance and attentiveness, but the unique perks of high-end short-term rentals.

In the case of Poshabodes, that includes a high level of customization and personalization. We believe in the power of personal relationships, so we'll work with you to understand your clients' needs and create a space that's perfect down to the last detail. Need super-fast internet? We'll get it. Have a special request for the kitchen? We're on it. We'll do what it takes to ensure your clients get a space that suits them to a T.

The wide range of services we offer - from property management and interior design to white glove services and professional housekeeping - allows us to curate an experience that will wow your clients and make them feel truly welcomed and appreciated.

It makes you the preferred agent.

Helping clients secure short-term luxury housing gives you a leg up on the competition, since only a subset of realtors offers this unique solution. You'll prove that you care not just about the sale or purchase of their home, but about their comfort and wellbeing as well.

As you know, attentiveness and personalized service will always win over your clients and make them more likely to refer their family and friends to you. According to the National Association of Realtors, nearly half of buyers turn to family and friends for a referral when they're searching for a realtor.

When you go above and beyond to solve a major problem for them, you set yourself apart and established greater trust and loyalty. And since the U.S. is home to more than 2 million active real estate agents, offering something unique and valuable to differentiate yourself is of the utmost importance.

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