Host a Bourbon Tasting

Two glasses of bourbon whisky.

Get in the Spirit for National Bourbon Day

Did you know that all bourbons are whiskey but not all whiskeys are bourbons? So what makes a bourbon, you might ask? A bourbon has to be made in the US, and its mash (mixture of grains from which it’s distilled) must be composed of at least 51 percent but no more than 79 percent Indian corn. To top it off, bourbon must be aged at least two years in a new, charred oak barrel, usually made from American White Oak. No wonder it tastes so good! To honor National Bourbon Day, host a bourbon tasting (in-person or virtual). Taste test the many varieties and learn what makes each different to truly appreciate this spirit that has risen in popularity.

Let Michael Veach, Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Famer, walk you through successfully preparing for and hosting an unforgettable bourbon tasting. Raise your glass and celebrate National Bourbon Day!

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Looking for inspiration on what bourbons to try? Check out this list of the 30 best whiskeys ranging from under $25 to over $100 a bottle.