Escape to a Luxurious Overnight Stay, Right in Your Own Home


You may be longing to get away to your favorite hotel or inn (or posh abode!), but why wait when you can create a luxurious overnight staycation right at home? We’re here to help you transform your bedroom or guest room into the perfect escape.

Your Staycation Starts When You Walk Through the Door

You know the feeling. You open the door and you’re greeted by a fresh, clean room that invites you in with a welcoming aroma, fresh flowers, and the feeling that there’s nothing for you to do besides relax and enjoy.

You spot your favorite magazines and books on the bedside table along with bottled water, Diet Coke, and herbal tea – any selection of your favorite beverages will do – ready for you to collapse onto the comfortable bed, dig in and lose track of time.

Bathrooms are Made for Pampering

We know that the bathroom is where the little things make the biggest difference. To recreate this luxury at home, clear the clutter and appoint your bathroom with quality, nourishing toiletries like essential oils, rich lotions, and mini bottles of your favorite shampoo, conditioner and body wash. Set your tub with a fragrant, soothing bath bomb and candles and indulge in a nice long soak.

Splurge on plush towels and an irresistibly soft robe to wrap yourself in as you step out of the tub or shower and into cozy slippers. Next stop: the bed you’ve been dreaming of.

It’s All in the Perfectly Made Bed

There’s something about climbing into a perfectly made 5-star hotel bed. Maybe it’s the ridiculously soft and comfortable (yet somehow crisp) linens, or the beautiful comforter. And the pillows always seem just right, piled deep in soft and firm varieties, just waiting for you to get a good night’s sleep.

We recommend turning your bed into an inviting oasis by starting with a luxurious Egyptian or pima cotton sheet set, then lay down a thin quilt or blanket and tuck everything in tight. Next, layer with a cozy duvet and turn down the bed. Add a soft throw folded at the foot of the bed and mist with your favorite linen spray. For the final touches, place a sleep mask and delectable chocolate on your pillow. For a step-by-step guide on replicating a hotel bed, take a look at this video from HGTV .

Nothing to Do But Relax

Now that you’re in total staycation mode, it’s time to order “room service” from your favorite local restaurant. Be sure to have plates, utensils, cloth napkins ready to give it that 5-star feel. Place your food on a tray so you can eat in bed – that’s the whole point of room service, right?

Whether you ordered a fancy meal or a burger and fries, what would a stellar hotel stay be without champagne in a beautiful ice bucket? Don’t forget to set out champagne glasses for classy sipping.

If you’ve already read through your magazines, it might just be movie time. Lay back and get cozy with classics like Casablanca, Breakfast at Tiffany’s or Field of Dreams. Not sure what to watch? Check out this list of movies that will make you smile from Oprah Magazine.

The Morning After Your Staycation

Since you don’t need to pay for late check out, stay as long as you’d like. Drench yourself in a leisurely hot shower and take your time getting ready. Make the most of your staycation with a fully loaded coffee bar featuring an espresso maker and your favorite roasts. You can even order specialty mugs with your name or a favorite quote to start your day on an inspiring note. Savor every moment with breakfast in bed. To avoid having to lift a finger in the morning, plan ahead and prepare delicious overnight oats or something more sweet like ooey gooey breakfast rolls .

By paying attention to the delightful details, even when you can start travelling again, you may be just as excited to stay home. Love where you stay. Share what you love.

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